Action against Terrorism


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Counter-terrorism and human rights in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (2012) Cyberterrorism book coverCyberterrorism - the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes (2008)  Victims book coverVictims - Support and assistance (2nd edition) (2008)  
The fight against terrorism - Council of Europe standards (4th edition) (2007)
Russian version (2010)
Terrorism: protection of witnesses and collaborators of justice (2006) Terrorism: Special investigation techniques (2005)
Apologie book cover "Apologie du terrorisme"and "incitement to terrorism" (2004) dirty money book cover Dirty money - The evolution of international measures to counter money laundering and the financing of terrorism (4th edition) (2011) book cover brownProtecting witnesses of serious crime - Training manual for law enforcement and judiciary (2006)
Recommendation coverCo-operation against terrorism between the Council of Europe and its member states, and the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO-Interpol) - Recommendation Rec(2007)1 and explanatory memorandum (2007)   Reccomendation cover Special investigation techniques in relation to serious crimes including acts of terrorism - Recommendation Rec(2005)10 and explanatory memorandum (2005) The protection of witnesses and collaborators of justice - Recommendation Rec(2005)9 and explanatory memorandum (2005)
Identity and travel documents and the fight against terrorism - Recommendation Rec(2005)7 and explanatory memorandum (2005)
Council of Europe Guidelines - Human rights and the fight against terrorism (2005)