International Conference on “Transnational Terrorist Threats from Emerging and Re-emerging Violent Extremist Movements”

Strasbourg, 3-4 November 2022

The Council of Europe Committee on Counter-Terrorism (CDCT), in collaboration with the German Federal Foreign Office, held an international Conference on “Transnational Terrorist Threats from Emerging and Re-emerging Violent Extremist Movements”, at the Council of Europe premises on 3-4 November 2022.

This Conference focused on examining the terrorist threat posed by violent far-right and violent far-left groups and ways in which this threat could be addressed through future Council of Europe action.

Accordingly, the discussions shed light on the factors driving this threat including the trends and typologies, the range of ideologies and the role of online networks in connecting these transnationally. It further examined the funding behind extremist activities, the applicability of various investigation and prosecution tools on a national, regional and international level and the importance of reinforcing flexible legislative toolkits that remain ideologically neutral.

Moving forward, key challenges and valuable lessons learned for future initiatives in this area were explored, including the sharing of good practices at the national level, cross-border cooperation, capacity building and the harmonisation of relevant instruments that are gender mainstreamed and in line with human rights and the rule of law.

The discussions brought together high-level counter-terrorism practitioners, policy makers, independent experts in this field and representatives of regional and international organisations involved in addressing this threat.