On 6-7 November 2023, the Council of Europe Committee on Counter-Terrorism (CDCT) held an International Conference on the Abuse of Livestreaming, Gaming and Virtual Reality Services and Platforms by Terrorist Actors, at the Council of Europe premises and broadcast live through Zoom.

The Conference focused on contemporary trends and emerging threats related to various digital technologies, from the “gamification” of terrorism to the use of livestreaming and video-sharing services by terrorists and violent extremists to broadcast and spread footage of terrorist attacks. The event also discussed policy options and how national authorities can cooperate with international counterparts and technology companies to address this threat.

The Conference followed from the Digital Conference on Countering Terrorist Communications held in January 2023 and brought together high-level experts, practitioners and policymakers in this area, alongside representatives of regional and international organisations supporting global efforts to address these issues.

The Conference was held in English only.