Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention)

Regional Conference on the prevention and combat of violence against women

Rabat, Morocco - 24-25 September 2012
Complexe Socio Sportif Banque du Maroc


Objective of the Conference

The objective of the Conference is three-fold:

to share knowledge of the problem, particularly as regards identification, observation and analysis tools;

to exchange good governance and monitoring practices between the countries on both shores in respect of the protection of women from all forms of discrimination and violence, as well as preventing action and social mobilisation;

to introduce and develop shared tools for monitoring and taking action, and to strengthen the Mediterranean partnership in respect of the combating of violence against women.


The Conference will be attended by men and women from countries on both shores of the Mediterranean, representing:

Governments, particularly Ministries of Justice, Ministries of Women's Affairs and departments of statistics;

Women's rights associations, and FVV advice and support services;

Bodies which monitor equality and the combating of violence against women;

University research teams;

Human rights agencies: CNDH, OMDH, Amnesty International, etc;.

International organisations;



Conference Documents:

Introductory note
ratical information

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Co-organised by :

  Ministry of Solidarity, Women's Affairs, Family and Social Development, Morocco

Co-financed by :
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway

Ms Liri Kopaçi-Di Michele
Head of Division

Ms Valérie Giret-Lerch
Administrative Assistant