General recommendation No. 1 on the digital dimension of violence against women

In monitoring the implementation of the Istanbul Convention, GREVIO has identified that the digital dimension of VAW is often being overlooked in domestic laws and policies.

In its General Recommendation No.1 on the digital dimension of violence against women, the first it has adopted, it outlines the problem of both gender-based violence against women committed online and facilitated by technology.

Based on the four pillars of the Istanbul Convention - Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Coordinated Policies - the Recommendation proposes specific actions to be taken.

It coins the term “the digital dimension of violence against women” as comprehensive enough to comprise both online acts of violence and those perpetrated through technology, including technology yet to be developed.

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 Press release

 Programme of the launching event - 24 November 2021

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Video message, Iris Luarasi, President of GREVIO