Protecting women and girls from violence in the digital age (2021) - The relevance of the Istanbul Convention and the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime in addressing online and technology-facilitated violence against women 


 Mid-term Horizontal Review of GREVIO's Baseline Reports (re-edited in February 2022)



EDVAW Platform

 Thematic paper on the digital dimension of violence against women (2022)

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Amnesty International and the Council of Europe guide on female genital mutilation - 2014

 “The Istanbul Convention – A tool to end female genital mutilation” - Council of Europe / Amnesty International - Guide


Norway Grants

 Improving the effectiveness of law-enforcement and justice officers in combating violence against women and domestic violence

 Enhancing the professional capacity of the Bulgarian Police to deal with cases of domestic violence and violence against women

 Implementing Article 10 of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence – establishing national co-ordinating bodies

 Implementing a comprehensive and co-ordinated approach - An assessment of Poland's response to prevent and combat gender-based violence

 Training of Trainers Manual : Effective Multi-agency Co-operation for Preventing and Combatting Domestic Violence

 Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence against Women : A learning resource for training law enforcement and justice officers