Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH)

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  Terms of Reference

  Texts adopted
  Opinions by the CDDH
  Interim and Activity
    reports to the
    Committee of Ministers
  Simplified Amendment
    Procedure (DH-PS)

  Selection of
    Candidates (CDDH-SC)

Protection Procedures

  Development of Human
    Rights (DH-DEV)

  Fighting Impunity

  Length of proceedings

  Access to official
    documents (DH-S-AC)

  Accelerated asylum
    procedures (GT-DH-AS)

  Fight against terrorism

  Social rights

CDDH: Resolutions of the Committee of Ministers

Resolution CM/Res(2010)25 on member statesí duty to respect and protect the right of individual application to the European Court of Human Rights
Resolution Res(2004)3 on judgments revealing an underlying systemic problem
Resolution Res(2002)59 concerning the practice in respect of friendly settlements