The Committee is examining Charter rights relating to employment, training and equal opportunities

Conclusions 2012 (Revised European Social Charter) and Conclusions XX-1 (2012) (1961 Charter)

The examination of Charter rights related to employment, training and equal opportunities will soon be underway.

The following articles are concerned for countries having ratified either the Revised Charter or the 1961 Charter and the 1988 Additional Protocol:

- Article 1 (Right to work)
- Article 9 (Right to vocational guidance)
- Article 10 (Right to vocational training)
- Article 15 (Right of persons with disabilities to independence, social integration and participation in the life of the community)
- Article 18 (Right to engage in a gainful occupation in the territory of other States Parties)
- Article 20, or Article 1 of the 1988 Additional Protocol for States have ratified this instrument (Right to equal opportunities and treatment in employment and occupation without sex discrimination)

The States bound by the Revised Charter will also report on the following articles:

- Article 24 (Right to protection in case of dismissal)
- Article 25 (Right of workers to protection of their debts in the event of insolvency of the employer) 

The reference period covered is from 2007-2010. The deadline for submitting reports was 31/10/2011.

The Committee's conclusions in respect of these provisions will be made public by the end of 2012.