A complaint is submitted by the trade union Fellesforbundet for Sjøfolk (FFFS) against Norway

Fellesforbundet for Sjøfolk (FFFS) v. Norway, Complaint No. 74/2011

[16/11/2011]The the trade union Fellesforbundet for Sjøfolk (FFFS) has lodged a complaint against Norway, 27 September 2011 under the reference No 74/2011. It is the first complaint against Norway.

This complaint concerns the issue of the compulsory retirement of sailors.

The Norwegian United Seamen's Union considers that the upper age limit of 62 years in the Norwegian Seamen's Act in reality implies an unjustified work ban and is thus a discriminatory withdrawal of seamen's rights to work as seamen. The complainant organisation alleges that the situation in Norway is in breach of Articles 1 §§ 1 and 2 (Right to work) and 24 (Right to protection in case of dismissal) read alone or in conjunction with Article E (non discrimination) of the Charter.

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