A complaint lodged by Médécins du Monde - International against France is declared admissible

Médécins du Monde - International c. France, Réclamation n° 67/2011

[26/09/2011]  In this case the complainant organisation alleges that France does not respect the rights to housing, education for children, social protection and health care of Roma, the majority of whom are from countries of the European Union, living in France in extreme poverty, in violation of the following articles:

article 11 (Right to protection of health),
article 13
(Right to social and medical assistance),
article 16
(Right of the family to social, legal and economic protection),
article 17
(Right of mothers and children to social and economic protection),
article 19§8
(Right of migrant workers and their families to protection and assistance, guarantees concerning deportation), 
article 30
(Right to be protected against poverty and social exclusion),
article 31 (Right to housing) of the Revised Charter,

read alone and/or in conjunction with Article E.

Decision on admissibility