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The decision on the merits of the complaint GENOP-DEI and ADEDY v. Greece, No. 65/2011, has become public 

General Federation of employees of the national electric power corporation (GENOP-DEI) and Confederation of Greek Civil Servants’ Trade Unions (ADEDY) v. Greece, Complaint No. 65/2011

[19/10/2012] The decision of the merits taken by the European Committee on Social Rights in the case GENOP-DEI and ADEDY v. Greece (N. 65/2011) became public on 19 October 2012.

In this complaint, registered on 21 February 2011, the complainant trade unions alleged that the situation in Greece is not in conformity with Article 4 (right to a fair remuneration) of the 1961 Charter and with Article 3 of the Additional Protocol of 1988 (right to take part in the determination and improvement of the working conditions and working environment).

In its decision on the merits, the Committee concluded the following  :

 - unanimously that there has been a violation of Article 4§4 of the 1961 Charter on the ground that Section 17§5 of Act No. 3899 of 17 December 2010 makes no provision for notice periods or severance pay in cases where an employment contract, which qualify as ‘permanent’ under the said law, is terminated during the probationary period set at one year by the same law.

- by 14 votes to 1 that Article 3§1a of the 1988 Additional Protocol to the 1961 Charter is not applicable.

Complaint no. 65/2012
Decision on the merits
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