The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) lodges a complaint against Belgium

<12 October 2010> The FIDH (International Federation of Human Rights) has lodged a complaint against Belgium (No 62/2010) alleging the violation of rights related to housing for Travellers under the European Social Charter. The complaint was registered on 30 September 2010. It concerns the insufficiency of stopping places, problems stemming from the non recognition of caravans as a home; lack of respect of the required conditions when carrying out evictions, lack of a global and coordinated policy to combat poverty and social exclusion of Travellers, among other issues. These allegations concern Article 16 (the right of the family to social, legal and economic protection) and 30 (right to protection against poverty and social exclusion) of the Revised European Social Charter as well as the non discrimination clause (Article E).

The European Committee on Social Rights will examine the complaint and, if the admissibility requirements have been met, declare it admissible. If the complaint is declared admissible, a written procedure will be set in motion, with an exchange of observations on the merits between the parties. A public hearing might be held. The Committee then takes a decision on the merits of the complaint, which it forwards to the parties concerned and to the Committee of Ministers in a report, which is made public within four months of its being forwarded. In the context of the follow-up to the “execution” of the decision on the merits, the Committee of Ministers may recommend that the State concerned take specific measures to bring the situation into line with the Charter.
Complaint no. 62/2010
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