European Social Charter

The Committee of Ministers adopts a resolution in the case International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights (INTERIGHTS) v. Greece

[25/07/2011] Further to the decision on the merits of the European Committee of Social Rights with regard to Complaint No 49/2008, in which it was ruled that the different situation of Roma families in Greece is not sufficiently taken into account with the result that a significant number of Roma families continue to live in conditions that fail to meet minimum standards, that Roma families continue to be forcibly evicted in breach of the Charter and the legal remedies generally available are not sufficiently accessible to them, in violation of Article 16 (Right of the family to social, legal and economic protection) of the Charter, the Committee of Ministers adopted Resolution Res/CM/ChS(2011) on 6 July 2011.

The Committee of Ministers takes note of the statement made by the Greek government and the information it has communicated on the follow-up to the decision of the European Committee of Social Rights and welcomes the measures already taken by the Greek authorities and their commitment to bring the situation into conformity with the Charter.

All case documents and decisions relative to this complaint may be found on the Collective Complaint web page.