European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR)


The mission of the European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR) is to judge that States party are in conformity in law and in practice with the provisions of the European Social Charter.

In respect of national reports, the Committee adopts conclusions, in respect of collective complaints, it adopts decisions.

The Committee is composed of 151 independent, impartial experts, elected by the Committee of Ministers2 for a 6-year term of office, renewable once.

It elects the members of its Bureau, composed of the President, one or more Vice-Presidents and a General Rappporteur, to serve for a two-year period, renewable.



1 The number of members was established by decision of the Committee of Ministers at the 751st meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (2-7 May 2001).

2 The Turin Protocol stipulates that members of the ECSR are to be elected by the Parliamentary Assembly. This is the only provision which is still not being applied.