European Social Charter

Seminar "Strengthening the protection of children’s rights through the European Social Charter (revised)",  Kyiv, 15 - 16 February 2011

[14/02/2011] One of the objectives of the Joint Project between the Council of Europe and the European Union on Strengthening and Protecting Women’s and Children’s Rights in Ukraine is to support reforms with regard to children’s rights with a view to improving the implementation of the Revised European Social Charter in the country.  (more on the Joint Project)

In fact, several obstacles to the full implementation of the Charter’s requirements are apparent. Some stem from lack of appropriate social policy, and a lack of sensitivity for children’s rights.

This conference will give participants the opportunity to share good practices and encourage the full implementation of the Charter.


To promote measures aiming at respecting and protecting children’s rights in line with the European Social Charter (revised) and other relevant international instruments.

To conduct a comparative analysis of the legal guarantees of children’s rights.

To contribute to the development of a national policy, aimed at overcoming obstacles to observing and broadening children’s rights.

Programme  English / Ukrainian