European Social Charter

The Committee is examining Charter rights relating to health, social security and social protection

Conclusions 2013 (Revised European Social Charter) and Conclusions XX-2 (2013) (1961 Charter)

The examination of Charter rights related to health, social security and social protection is underway.

The following articles are concerned for countries having ratified either the Revised Charter or the 1961 Charter and the 1988 Additional Protocol:

- Article 3 (Right to safe and healthy working conditions )
- Article 11 (Right to protection of health)
- Article 12 (Right to social security)
- Article 13 (Right to social and medical assistance)
- Article 14 (Right to benefit from social services)
- Article  23 or Article 4 of the 1988 Additional Protocol for States have ratified this instrument (Right of the elderly to social protection)

The States bound by the Revised Charter will also report on the following article:

- Article 30 (Right to be protected against poverty and social exclusion)

The reference period covered is from 2008-2011. The deadline for submitting reports was 31/10/2012.

The Committee's conclusions in respect of these provisions will be adopted by the end of 2013.