European Social Charter

The European Council of Police Trade Unions (CESP) lodges a complaint against France
European Council of Police Trade Unions v. France, Complaint no. 68/2011

[30/06/2011] The complaint was registered on 18 May 2011.

The complainant organisation alleges that  the new regulations concerning working conditions for police officers, as from 1 April 2008, removing payment for overtime worked or compensatory time off (Decree No. 2000-194 of 3 March 2000 modified by Decree No. 2008-340 of 15 April 2008, General Rules of Application of the National Police of 6 June 2006 modified by ministerial Decree NOR IOCC0804409A of 15 April 2008 and Directive NOR INTC0800092C of 17 April 2008), is in breach of Article 4 2 (right to a fair remuneration) of the Revised Charter.

Complaint No.68/2011 (French only)