European Social Charter

Members of the European Committee of Social rights

(In order of precedence in accordance with Rule 8 of the Committee's Rules of procedure)

[Last update:  24/01/2013]

Mr Luis JIMENA QUESADA (Spanish)

Professor of constitutional law
University of Valencia (Spain)
Substitute Judge at the High Court of Justice of the region of Valencia
Administrative Chamber (Spain)

Term of Office: 31/12/2014

Mrs Monika SCHLACHTER (German)

Professor of Civil Law, Labour and International Law
Director of Legal Studies
Institute for labour law and industrial relations in the European Community
University of Trier (Germany)

Term of Office:  31/12/2018

Mr Petros STANGOS (Greek)

Professor of European law
Holder of the Jean Monnet Chair "European human rights law"
School of Law, Department of International studies
Aristotle University, Thessaloniki (Greece)

Term of Office: 31/12/2014

Mr Colm O'CINNEIDE (Irish)

General Rapporteur
Reader in Law
Faculty of Laws
University College, London (United Kingdom)

Term of Office:  31/12/2016

Mr Lauri LEPPIK (Estonian)

Professor of Social Policy
Tallinn University (Estonia)

Term of Office:  31/12/2016

Mrs Birgitta NYSTRÖM (Swedish)

Professor of Private Law, especially Labour Law
Faculty of Law
University of Lund (Sweden)

Term of Office:   31/12/2018

Mr  A. Rüçhan ISIK (Turkish)

Professor of  Labour Law,  Faculty of Law
Bilkent University Ankara (Turkey)

Term of Office: 31/12/2014

Mr Alexandru ATHANASIU (Romanian)

Law School, Private law department
Center for Comparative Social Law
University of Bucharest  (Romania)

Term of Office:  31/12/2014

Mrs Jarna PETMAN (Finnish)

Professor ad interim in International Law
Deputy Director of the Erik Castrén Institute
Faculty of Law
University of Helsinki (Finland)

Term of Office: 31/12/2014

Mrs Elena  MACHULSKAYA (Russian)

Department of Labour and Social Law
Lomonosov State University, Moscow (Russian Federation)

Term of Office : 31/12/2016

Mr Giuseppe PALMISANO (Italian)

Professor of International Law and EU law
Director of the Institute for International Legal Studies National Research Council of Italy,
Rome (Italy)

Term of Office : 31/12/2016

Mrs Karin LUKAS (Austrian)

Senior Legal Researcher and Head of Team
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human rights, Vienna (Austria)

Term of Office : 31/12/2016

Mrs Eliane CHEMLA (French)

Conseillčre d'Etat, Conseil d'Etat, Paris (France)

Term of Office : 31/12/2018


Mr József HAJDÚ (Hungarian)

Dean for International Affairs and Science
University of Szeged (Hungary)

Term of Office: 31/12/2018

Mr Marcin WUJCZYK (Polish)

Assistant Professor in labour law and social policy
Jagiellonian University, Cracow (Poland)

Term of Office: 31/12/2018