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Press release - 758(2006) - Speech by T. DAVIS - 6 December 2006

''Corruption undermines the very foundations of democracy''

Strasbourg, 06.12.2006 – “When public officials, politicians or members of the judiciary engage in sleaze and blatant disrespect of the common good, the very foundations of democracy are at stake,” said Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis when addressing today the 31st plenary session of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO).

A few days before the International Day against Corruption, the Secretary General supported the GRECO initiatives to reduce the immunities enjoyed by certain categories of holders of public office and/or elected representatives. “Bringing Ministers, Members of Parliament and high-level public officials to justice for illicit enrichment and other corrupt dealings as seen in some of our member states will strengthen the trust of citizens in democratic institutions and the rule of law.”

GRECO has set high standards for monitoring the anti-corruption efforts of the vast majority of the Council of Europe’s member states. It should further expand its activities and reinforce its cooperation with the United Nations and the OECD,” said Mr Davis.

On 1st February 2007, GRECO will welcome the Russian Federation as its 44th member. GRECO’s upcoming activities will focus on the funding of political parties.

Click here for the full text of the Secretary General’s speech.

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