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Ninth General Activity Report (2008) of the Group of States against Corruption - GRECO

[Strasbourg, 26/03/09] - The Group of States against corruption - GRECO has published today its Ninth General Activity report (2008) which was presented yesterday to the Committee of Ministers by GRECO’s President, Mr Drago KOS (Slovenia).

In 2008 alone, GRECO carried out twelve on-site evaluation visits, adopted the same number of evaluation reports and some 20 compliance reports. The vast majority of these reports are already accessible at GRECO’s Hompage.

In addition to a detailed account of co-operation with other international players, the report for 2008 also contains a feature article on the independent monitoring of party funding. The article focuses on the role of supervisory bodies in identifying, monitoring and addressing corruption in political financing and stresses that despite numerous laws on their books, many States lack effective monitoring and enforcement mechanisms. It also points out that the first tranche of evaluation reports adopted by GRECO reflect the full range of issues and practices regarding the independent monitoring of political financing – a valuable input for States eager to upgrade legislation and practice in this critical area.

In his presentation to the Committee of Ministers, Mr KOS recalled the Secretary General’s statement delivered on 9 December last where he stressed his hope that the current financial and economic crisis would not lead – under the pretext of austerity measures – to the undermining of anti-corruption institutions and their efforts, as this would only breed cynicism vis-à-vis policy makers and, indeed, the whole political system.

GRECO’s membership currently stands at 46, including the United States of America.