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About the Conference of the Parties


Warsaw Declaration and Action Plan

Convention and Explanatory Report



C198-COP Meetings

1st Meeting
22-23 April 2009

2nd Meeting
15-16 April 2010

3rd Meeting
7-8 March 2011

4th Meeting
12-14 June 2012
5th Meeting
12-14 June 2013 
6th Meeting
29 Sep - 1 Oct 2014


First Training Seminar
17-18 June 2010

Monitoring of the implementation of the Convention


Compilation of the Reference Documents
(as revised 15.06.12)

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International Standards


4th meeting of the Conference of the Parties
Strasbourg, 12-14 June 2012


Meeting report - C198-COP(2012)REP 4
List of decisions adopted - C198-COP(2012)LD1
Assessment Report of the Conference of the Parties on Romania - C198-COP(2012)RASS2


Day 1: Tuesday 12 June 2012

1. Adoption of the Agenda

2. Election of members of the Bureau of the Conference of the Parties

3. Information from the Chairman

4. Information from the Secretariat

5. Discussion on a follow up mechanism to CETS No. 198 

6. Progress made by States in signing/ratifying the CETS No. 198

7. Review and discussion of Reservations and Declarations with respect to CETS No. 198

8. Information from the European Union and accession of the EU to CETS No. 198

Bureau Meeting at the close of the afternoon's business


Day 2: Wednesday 13 June 2012

9. Discussion of the Conference of the Parties Draft Evaluation Report on Romania

10. Information from the Observers


Day 3: Thursday 14 June 2012

11. The revised FATF Recommendations

12. Further discussion as necessary on the follow up mechanism to CETS No. 198

13. Further work programme of the Conference of the Parties

14. Any other business