The Conference of the Parties elects from among its Parties, for a period of two years, a President and Vice-President, as well as three other members who together constitute the Bureau.

The Bureau assists the President and ensures the preparation and continuity of meetings. The current Bureau is composed as follows:


Dr. Ioannis Androulakis (practicing attorney-at-law, advisor to the Hellenic Ministry of Justice and Assistant Professor of Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure at the Law School of the University of Athens)

Dr. Androulakis was President of the Legislative Committee for the current Greek AML/TF Law and serves as a member of numerous national and international committees, expert groups and evaluation mechanisms, including the FATF and the Implementation Review Group of the UNCAC.

He was Co-President of the DROIPEN group during the 2014 Greek EU Presidency, an Alexander Onassis Foundation Scholar (Universities of Göttingen and Halle-Wittenberg), a Fritz Thyssen Foundation Scholar (University of Munich), an OEAD Scholar (University of Vienna), an IVLP alumnus, and a visiting Professor at the University of Augsburg.

His works include “Criteria of a Fair Criminal Trial according to Article 6 ECHR”, 2000; “The Globalization of the Fight against Corruption”, 2007; “Bid-rigging and Criminal Law”, 2008; “The execution of judicial deportation and the lifting of its consequences”, 2017, and “The State of Implementation of the UNCAC”, 2015, 2nd ed. 2017, a study commissioned by the UNODC.

Scientific expert

Head of the International Cooperation Division
Analysis and Institutional Relations Directorate
Financial Intelligence Unit
Banca d'Italia

Members of the Bureau

  • Ms Oxana GISCA, Vice-president (Republic of Moldova)
  • Mr Azer ABBASOV, Member (Azerbaijan)
  • Ms Claudia ELION, Member (The Netherlands)
  • Mr Aram KIRAKOSSIAN, Member (Armenia)

The Conference of the Parties is assisted by a Secretariat provided by the Council of Europe.