Assessment process and Follow-up

The Conference of the Parties (COP) assessment procedure involves the collection of information through a questionnaire and a subsequent desk-based review by the secretariat and rapporteurs appointed by the COP. As a result, a draft report is then prepared based on these findings findings of the review a draft report is prepared and discussed with the representatives of the country assessed. Once the final draft is agreed by the COP Secretariat, rapporteurs and the assessed country it is then sent to COP State Parties. The discussion and adoption of the report are regular agenda items in COP Plenary meetings.

The follow up procedure aims at monitoring the progress the country made in implementing the recommendations made in the assessment report. Thirty months after the adoption of the report, the assessed Party provides an update of its progress.  The Secretariat, based on the information provided by the assessed country, carries out an analysis to which extent the progress was made. The follow up report and the Secretariat analysis are then discussed at COP plenary meeting. If the COP decides that the information is sufficient and the progress on meeting recommendations is satisfactory, the report and the analysis are adopted and published within four weeks.


Within the scope of its mandate and its activities, the Conference of the Parties to the CETS 198 regularly organises trainings for Rapporteurs. The trainings contain presentations on the different requirements of the applicable international standards, as well as practical exercises.