Conference of the Parties (COP) to the CETS 198

 Bureau members

The Conference of the Parties elects from among its Parties, for a period of two years, a President and Vice-President, as well as three other members, for the term of office of one year, who together constitute the Bureau.

The Bureau assists the President and ensures the preparation and continuity of meetings. The current Bureau is composed as follows:

  • Mr Branislav BOHACIK , President (Slovak Republic) 

  • Mr Jean-Sťbastien JAMART, Vice-President (Belgium) 

  • Mr Besnik MUCI,  Member (Albania)

  • Ms Oxana G‚scă, Member (Republic of Moldova) 

  • Mr Sorin TANASE, Member (Romania)

The Conference of the Parties is assisted by a Secretariat provided by the Council of Europe.