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Electoral processes and democratic consolidation in the countries of the southern Mediterranean 
Inclusive electoral processus organised with integrity as a step towards successful democratic governance.
15-16 September 2014, Ismaili Centre, Lisbonne
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About the 2014 Lisbon Forum
Since it was established in 1994 by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, the Lisbon Forum has been a distinctive platform bringing together high-level participants from Europe, neighbouring regions and other continents to share experience, good practice and expertise. Themes of the Forum have been closely related to the core mission of the Council of Europe: to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
In light of the events of the “Arab Spring”, recent editions of the Forum have sought to address key challenges faced by Arab societies and explore possibilities for renewed cooperation with Europe.
The topic for LF2014 will be “Electoral processes and democratic consolidation in the countries of the Southern Mediterranean.” The integrity of the electoral process is one of the conditions for the ultimate expression of successful democratic consolidation, which lays the necessary foundations for good governance.
Since the uprisings in the countries on the southern shores of the Mediterranean in 2011, various elections have taken place in the region with varying degrees of success and consequences for the ensuing political balance.
It is therefore important and essential, when establishing democratic governance, to give particular attention to the entire electoral process. This entails examining electoral processes and ensuring that they eradicate any barriers to participation and promote the inclusion of all members of society in political affairs, particularly women, while also taking into account the characteristics of the region and of the country concerned.
Similarly, as witnessed at the 2013 Lisbon Forum, whose aim was to show that democratic ownership is as important for citizens as for those governing them, the aim of this year’s Forum will be to show that, in the case of elections, democratic awareness applies not only to the candidates and all the other key players in the electoral process but also to voters (associations, political parties, media, etc…).
At the LF2014 the goal will be to draft recommendations directed to all the key actors of governance after a series of debates, interventions and exchanges with civil society, elected representatives and citizens on key issues, sharing successful experiences in the south Mediterranean region or in other parts of the world.


Event organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe and financed by the European Union

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Bernardino Léon, President of the Lisbon Forum, 2013
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