Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (EDC/HRE)


European ministers call for a competence framework for the exercise of democratic citizenship

Foreign ministers from across Europe have adopted a political declaration and a three-year action plan on the fight against violent extremism and radicalisation leading to terrorism. The action plan sets out a series of Council of Europe-led measures to help tackle radicalisation, including in schools, prisons and on the internet

In the field of education, the ministers have called for the development and utilisation of tools for education for democratic citizenship, intercultural education and history teaching. They have also called for the adoption by the end of 2015 of the key elements of the competence framework for the exercise of democratic citizenship and thereafter the holding of a Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Education to promote the implementation of that framework.

The 125th session of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers is taking place in Brussels at the end of Belgium's six-month chairmanship of the organisation. The chairmanship will pass to Bosnia and Herzegovina during the meeting. (more…)

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland calls for learning environment where the rights of all are respected

The pace and scale of intolerance, radicalisation and violence in Europe today demands an urgent response, and education has an important role to play in this respect – states Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland in his report on the state of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe. (more)

Generation Democracy - Conference in Turkey

On 14 April 2015, about 350 participants from Turkey and from other member states of the Council of Europe met in Istanbul to celebrate the achievements and to reflect on the lessons learned from the four-year comprehensive project on “Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education” supported by the European Union and the Council of Europe. This programme aimed to put into practice the Council of Europe Charter on Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Turkey, based on the expertise developed in the framework of intergovernmental cooperation programmes of the Council of Europe. The programme mainly focused on three areas; developing curricula, establishing a democratic school culture, and capacity building in the field of citizenship and human rights education. (more)

Just published : Teaching ECHR

The publication “Freedom(s) - Learning activities for secondary schools on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights” (2015) presents 12 learning activities based on landmark decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. It aims to familiarise secondary school students with the key principles of European law related to human rights in order to help them understand how the European Court of Human Rights works. It also seeks to foster the role and responsibilities of the teacher as a key actor in ensuring the efective implementation of the principles of the European human rights system.Order this publication

Urgent debate on combating and preventing radicalisation

At its 28th session (24-26 March) the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe held an urgent debate on the role of local and regional authorities in combating and preventing radicalisation.

Hugh Starkey, Professor of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education, University College London, United Kingdom, was part of a panel of experts who addressed the Congress on this topic. In his statement Mr Starkey explored how local and regional authorities can foster a democratic school culture and a culture of human rights in accordance with the provisions of the Council of Europe Charter on Education Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.

Speech of Hugh Starkey

Launch of an Exhibition Event in Strasbourg

The exhibition « Democracy and Human Rights in School » as well as the animations inspired by the 10 most popular entries are being presented to the public at the Lieu d’Europe, 8 rue Boecklin, 67000 Strasbourg, until 3rd April 2015. (more...)

The Council of Europe’s Democracy Innovation Award goes to Turkish initiative “Generation Democracy”

Strasbourg, 05.11.2014 – The Council of Europe today, during the closing session of the World Forum for Democracy, awarded its Democracy Innovation Award to Generation Democracy. The prize is a reward for efforts to get citizens more involved in public life and the democratic process. (more...)

Democracy and Human Rights in School: A Series of Five Animations

On 21 October, the animations "Democracy and Human Rights in School" will be launched at the margins of the meeting on “Think Global – Act Local: Education for Democracy”. The animations show in an accessible and entertaining way what democracy and human rights mean to young people today, and how they can help to address violence and exclusion at school. The animations were developed with active participation of children from all over Europe, and the high level of interest in this initiative shows its relevance for the general public (more...)

Turkey: Launching the Democratic School Framework

On 23 October 2014, a launching event in Ankara will bring together students, teachers, school principals and ministry representatives. The participants will discuss the results of the piloting and future implementation of the Democratic School Culture Competences Framework. The event which will be opened by Prof. Dr Nabi AVCI, the Minister of National Education. (more...)

International Contact Group meets in Paris

On 7-8 October 2014 the International Contact Group on citizenship and human rights education will meet in Paris. The participants will discuss current challenges and opportunities in the area of education for democracy and human rights, share information about the on-going activities and future strategies of the partner institutions, and will continue to develop synergies and cooperation through a number of selected initiatives, in particular in the framework of the the UN World Programme for Human Rights Education. (more...)

Summer Academy: Anniversary Conference

In view of the 5th anniversary of the Summer Academy «Democracy at School», the Council of Europe, the National Ministry of Education Poland, the Centre for Education Development and the European Wergeland Centre are jointly organizing a conference going to take place in Warsaw/ Poland, 5-7 October (more...)

Side event at the UN Human Rights Council

A public side event will be held in Geneva on 10 September 2014, 13:00 to 15:00, in parallel with the 27th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, to launch the web resource "The Right to Human Rights Education". This resource is a compilation of full texts and provisions of international and regional instruments which highlight commitments made by States with regard to human rights education and training. (more...)

Think Global – Act Local: Education for Democracy

Serious human rights violations including corruption, human trafficking, racism and discrimination persist across Europe, according to a report published by Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland in May 2014. Unemployment and poverty in many countries are nurturing extremism and conflicts. The report represents the first consolidated analysis of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe, based on the findings of the Council of Europe’s monitoring bodies. The report points out in particular “The member States widely supported the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education, adopted in 2010. However, two years after its adoption, one third of countries had not yet begun its implementation. In many cases, this results from a lack of financial support due to the economic crisis. However, we often see political prioritization on “education for employability”. If this is not balanced with education on democratic citizenship, it can promote a concept of students as a labour force, rather than as active citizens”. (more...)

Supporting citizenship and human rights education in Kazakhstan

23-24 June 2014. Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan - 25-26 June 2014 Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Russian version of the news

Piloting of materials on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE) took place on 23-24 June 2014 in school N198 in Kyzylorda. This event was organized within the framework of the European Union and Council of Europe Joint Programme “Supporting education policies in democratic citizenship and human rights education in Kazkahstan”, which was launched on 20-21 September 2013 in Astana. (more...)

Call for Schools to include Activities and Lessons concerning Vulnerable Children

Schools should include activities and lessons about and with children in all types of vulnerable situations, including those from minority groups, from refugee, internally displaced or migrant families, those with absent parents and those who are disabled or are from homes without the resources to pay for proper meals. This is part of a package of proposals put forward by education experts specialising in human rights and citizenship education at their last meeting, run by the Council of Europe in Baku, in the framework of Azerbaijan’s Chairmanship of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers (14 May - 13 November 2014). (more...)

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