Culture, Heritage and Diversity

"Europe: from One Street to the Other" (EOSO)

This project enables pupils of all ages - from nursery to secondary school - to discover Europe through the local urban and rural heritage.


EOSO, a practical project

It calls on skills linked to observation, analysis and field research and on imagination and inventiveness.

It permits an entire class to discover more about their street and/or neighbourhood, with its monuments and public buildings and also its houses and shops, to find out about the activities carried on there, the people who work there, those who are passing through and those who live there.


A citizenship project

It raises pupils' awareness of civic and neighbourhood issues. They are encouraged to make tangible proposals for improving the street, or its image, and opening up a dialogue with local inhabitants .


A European project

Having discovered the European influences that shaped and transformed the street (materials, techniques, activities, events), pupils can post the results of their research on the Internet site bringing together the schools participating in the project and exchange comments and ideas with the other participants.


An interdisciplinary project

"Europe: from one street to the other" draws on a project-based educational approach and involves interdisciplinary work. Through its active approach to citizenship, it is a particularly appropriate civics education tool.


A tried and tested project

Schools from 22 countries joined in the pilot project. An assessment was produced by the Italian National Institute for the Evaluation of Education Systems (INVALSI), which concluded that it brought many benefits, including better integration of the school within the neighbourhood, tighter links between families and the school and an opening up to Europe.


Download the pedagogical booklets of the EOSO project in PDF format


"Europe: from one street to the other", Council of Europe/Editions du Moutard, 2001. 36 page brochure containing practical information on the project. (
French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Swedish version

Exhibition "Europe : from one street to the Other Multicultural houses"