Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Meeting on the "European Dimension" of Heritage Days Events


Strasbourg (France), 11-12 December 2011

European Youth Centre, Council of Europe



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Events proposed as European Dimension

European Wine Museum Map

   Initiator of the project: The Shabo Wine Cultural Centre in collaboration with ACTE - Association for Culture and Tourism Exchange


Castles and Fortresses – common European History

   Initiator of the project: Helle – Silvia Solnask / Estonian Heritage Society


Heritage Education for common European Future: Educate, Discover, Protect, Preserve Heritage for Common Future.

   Initiator of the project: Milena Antonic / Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia


Polesje region - European common heritage

   Initiator of the project: Khvir Natalia / EHD national coordinator for Belarus, Ministry of Culture

   Oksana Vasylieva / EHD national coordinator for Ukraine, Department of Cultural and Humanitarian Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affair


Stećci – Medieval Tombstones

   Initiator of the project: Milica Vusurovic / Department for Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro

   Edin Veladzic / Biljana Camur / Ministry of Culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina


 Utrecht Treaty – common European Heritage

   Initiator of the project: Edith den Hartigh / Stichting Open Monumentendag, The Netherlands

   Annet Pasveer / Stichting Open Monumentendag, The Netherlands


Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps: UNESCO World Heritage

   Initiator of the project: Association Palafittes c/o Archäologischer Dienst

   Swiss Coordination Group UNESCO Palafittes c/o Archäologie Schweiz


Places of Arrival and Departure European Heritage Days – Our Common Heritage in the Nordic and Baltic Countries

   Initiator of the project: Nordic Council of Ministers - the Nordic governments' co-operation forum.  


Le Patrimoine culturel européen / facettes de l'unité [fr]

   Initiateur du projet : M. Manuel Lacerda, directeur du service de l'inventaire, de la recherche et de la diffusion


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Madelena Grossmann
+33 388 41 22 03

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