Cultural Heritage, Spatial Planning and Landscape


Council of Europe action in the field of cultural and natural heritage includes:


promoting diversity and dialogue through access to heritage to foster a sense of identity, collective memory and mutual understanding within and between communities;

contributing to development that is linked to territorial cohesion, life style and relationships through the notion of heritage and landscape as community resources. (more...)


Cultural Heritage

Architectural and Archeological Heritage

Monitoring of the Convention for the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage of Europe (revised) (Valletta, 1992) and of the Convention for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe (Granada, 1985).


European Heritage Network (HEREIN)

The European Heritage Network is a permanent information system bringing together government departments responsible for cultural heritage under the umbrella of the Council of Europe.


European Heritage Days (EHD)

Once a year, citizens in 50 countries celebrate Europeís cultural heritage. This initiative of the European Heritage Days, launched by the Council of Europe in 1991, has been since 1999 a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, putting new cultural assets on view and opening up historical buildings normally closed to the public.


The Faro Convention

Launching of actions in line with the Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society (Faro, 2005).




European Landscape Convention

The European Landscape Convention - also known as the Florence Convention, - promotes the protection, management and planning of European landscapes and organises European co-operation on landscape issues.



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Cultural Heritage

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List of publications

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