Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Former Steering Committee for Cultural Heritage and Landscape (CDPATEP)

Plenary sessions

4th CDPATEP plenary session (5-6 May 2011)


List of decisions


3rd CDPATEP plenary session (4-5 May 2010)




2nd CDPATEP plenary session (12-13 May 2009)


List of decisions


1st CDPATEP plenary session (28-29 April 2008)

Agenda and List of decisions


Bureau meetings

4th CDPATEP Bureau meeting (22-23 June 2011)

Draft Agenda

Meeting report


3rd CDPATEP Bureau meeting (2-3 December 2010)

Draft Agenda


2nd CDPATEP Bureau meeting (8-9 December 2009)

Draft Agenda


1st CDPATEP Bureau meeting  (11-12 December 2008)

Draft Agenda



Bureau Members

Mikko Härö (President)

Jean-François Seguin (Vice-President)

Susan Williamson (Vice-President)

Irakli Metrevelli

Pavlina Misikova

Athena Aristotelous Cleridou

Erminia Sciacchitano

Malgorzata Fokt-Willmann

Ara Margarian



Daniel Thérond

Secretary to the CDPATEP

Marie-Eve Schohn Secretariat to the CDPATEP

+33 388 41 37 48



6th CDPAT plenary session (14-15 May 2007)

5th CDPAT plenary session (10-12 May 2006)

4th CDPAT plenary session (12-14 October 2005)

6th CDPAT Bureau meeting (Paris, 7-8 November 2007)

5th CDPAT Bureau meeting (Strasbourg, 4-5 December 2006)