Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Strasbourg, 1 December 2009

CDPATEP (2009) 21 REV.





2nd meeting of the Bureau of the CDPATEP
Strasbourg, 8-9 December 2009
Beginning 9h30
Room 15 – Council of Europe Headquarters

Directorate of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage

The order of business has been established taking into account the availability of some participants and speakers


9.30 – 12.30 specific items relating to heritage and to the general mission of the CDPATEP

    I. Opening of the meeting by the Chair

    II. Statement by the Director on the preparation of the 2010 programme and main items concerning the Organisation and the Directorate

    III. Work on the follow-up tools of the cultural heritage conventions

    [CDPATEP (2009) 25]

    . Progress of the HEREIN 3 project

    . Presentation of the HEREIN 3 maquette

    . Next steps and road map for HEREIN

    . HEREIN Forum

    . Questions relating to the multilingual thesaurus

    . Information on the AISBL project

    IV. Follow-up of the Granada Convention: Report of the second meeting of the working group (30 October 09) and Road Map

[GRANADA (2009) PV 2 – English only
[GRANADA (2009) 3 REV]
[CDPATEP (2009) 28 – English only]

    V. Follow-up of the Valletta Convention (implementation of the proposals adopted by CDPATEP during its last plenary session is dependent on the Herein 3 tools going on-line in 2010)

    VI. Promotion of the Faro Convention

    . Report on the launching of the publication « Heritage and beyond » (Lisbon, 20 November 09)

    . Dissemination strategy

    14.30 – 18.00 (continued)

    VII. European Heritage Days :

[CDPATEP (2009) 27 – English only]
[CDPATEP (2009) 32 – English only]

. 2009 Evaluation (synthesis of the 2nd Forum by Paul Drury)

. Preparation for 2010: contacts with the European Commission

. Programme of the 3rd Forum

    VIII. Regional co-operation programme

    [CDPATEP (2009) 24]
    [CDPATEP (2009) 29]

    a. Progress report on the main activities

      - regional programme for the cultural heritage in South-East Europe: Ljubljana process and local development pilot projects;
      - COE/EU support to the promotion of cultural diversity in Kosovo1
      - Post-conflict immediate action for the social and economic revitalisation of communities and cultural environment in the Gori Region (Georgia) ;
      - Kyiv Initiative regional programme: pilot project on rehabilitation of cultural heritage in historic towns.

    b. Evaluation of the « Technical Cooperation and Consultancy Programme related to the integrated conservation of the cultural heritage » - progress report ;

    c. Perspectives and opportunities.

    IX. Renewal of CDPATEP terms of reference in 2010

    [CDPATEP (2009) 13 REV.]

[CDPATEP (2009) 30]

    . Evaluation exercise on the impact of the Committee (questionnaire forwarded to the members)

    . First exchange of views on the future terms of reference.

    . Elections to be foreseen in 2010

    X. Draft 2011 Programme

    . Exchange of views on proposals to be submitted to the CDPATEP Plenary Session in 2010.

    XI. Collaboration with ECCO (European Confederation of Conservator- Restorers’ Organisations)


    9.15 – 12.15 specific aspects of the follow-up of the European Landscape Convention

    XII. Information system of the European Landscape Convention – progress report on the project

    [CEP-CDPATEP (2009) COE/ELCD database 4 – English only]

    XIII. Workshops for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention

    . Conclusions of the 8th meeting of the workshops in Malmö (Sweden), 8- 9/10/2009 and information on the award of the landscape prize

    . Preparation of the 9th meeting of the workshop for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention, Cordoba, Spain, 15-16/04/2010

    XIV. Preparation of the ceremony commemorating the opening for signature of the European Landscape Convention, Florence, 20 October 2010

    The discussion of the items below could be postponed, if necessary, in the afternoon after 16.00

    XV. Publications of experts reports

[CEP-CDPATEP (2009) 19]

    XVI. Landscape awards 2011


14.30 – 16.00 - joint Session of the Bureaux of CDCULT and of CDPATEP

    1. Current activities

    1.1 Introduction by the Chairs – brief presentation of the principal activities of the two Committees

    1.2 Presentation of the new internet site of the Directorate for Culture and Cultural Heritage

    1.3 Implementation of joint activities of common interest

      a. Possible updating of the European Cultural Convention
      b. Common internet access « CultureWatchEurope »
      c. Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe
      d. Kyiv Initiative

    e. Possible heritage aspects of the project Intercultural Cities

    2. Possible co-operation between CDCULT, CDPATEP and CEMAT

    2.1 Medium term perspectives for the Committees
    2.2 Cooperation Priorities for 2010
    2.3 Methods of co-operation between the Committees

    16.00 – 17.00 continuation of the work of CDPATEP

    XVII. CDPATEP Opinion on several Recommendations

    . Recommendation 1884 (2009) of the Parliamentary Assembly on “Cultural education: the promotion of cultural knowledge, creativity and intercultural understanding through education”;

[CDPATEP (2009) 22]

. Recommendation 1885 (2009) of the Parliamentary Assembly on “Drafting an additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights concerning the right to a healthy environment”;

[CDPATEP (2009) 26]

. Recommendation 271 (2009) of the Congress on Local and Regional Authorities on “The global challenge of climate change : local responses”

. Recommendation 275 (2009) of the Congress on Local and Regional Authorities on “Creative cities – managing the cultural activity of cities”

[CDPATEP (2009) 23]

. Recommendation 2009 – 1 of the Committee of Permanent Correspondents of the EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement, adopted at its 57th meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia (15-16 October 2009), on vulnerability of cultural heritage to climate change.

    XVIII. Other business

    . Collaboration with ALECSO

    . ..............

    XIX. Date of the 2010 CDPATEP plenary session

(proposal of the Secretariat : 4-5 May 2010)

1 All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population in this document shall be understood in full compliance with United Nation’s Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo