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HEREIN: Observatory on policies and values of the European heritage


The HEREIN System is a tool to collect data and information related to financing mechanisms, legislations, documentation systems, integrated conservation strategies and awareness-raising actions among others. This data base is complemented by a unique multilingual HEREIN Thesaurus containing over 500 terms and concepts in the 14 languages presently available.


The HEREIN Network formed by the national coordinators is a tool for dialogue and exchange which facilitates cooperation between ministries and institutions in charge of European heritage management.


HEREIN acts as an ‘observatory’ tool; it follows up the implementation of European heritage conventions, the evolution of policies and the strengthening of the values of heritage for society as a factor of intercultural dialogue and improvement of living conditions.


HEREIN brings together public administrations from 42 Member States responsible for national policies in the field of cultural heritage. It is supported by Voluntary Contributions from several countries and by the "HEREIN AISBL" association.




 New Crowdfinding on “Background variables on the contribution of the physical cultural heritage to gross value added and to jobs generated” [14/01/2016]


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