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Photo: Laurencio TomaThe objective of the Route of Roma Culture and Heritage is to increase the knowledge of people in Europe about Roma history, culture, values and lifestyle, to encourage the contribution of Roma to Europeís cultural life and diversity and ultimately contribute to giving a positive value to an image of Roma which are, more often than not, perceived in a negative and stereotyped way.


To achieve this, the Cultural Route will first develop as a network of organisations (associations, museums, documentation and cultural centres, art and education institutions, festivals, etc;) which work together towards developing a common set of activities.


As a second stage, the Route will evolve as a series of tourist itineraries across different cities and territories of Europe, which would allow visitors to gain a more thorough understanding of Roma culture.


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2nd Festival on Roma Culture (22 and 23 July 2011)

Euronews report: Roma Culture a European Heritage

Radio documentary about the launch of the Roma Route in Slovenia © Jake Bowers, Gypsy Media Company, UK


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