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Terms of reference

GT-REF.ECHR (Ad hoc Working Party on reform of the Human Rights Convention system)

The Deputies set up an open-ended ad hoc working party (GT.SUIVI.Interlaken) to steer, under their authority, the follow-up process to the Interlaken Declaration as a whole (CM/Del/Dec(2010)1080/1.7). In May 2011, the terms of reference were broadened to cover the Izmir Declaration and Follow-up Plan (CM/Del/Dec(2011)1114/1.5).

The working party was renamed GT-REF.ECHR (Reform of the Human Rights Convention system) in February 2012 (CM/Del/Dec(2012)1134/1.6 / CM(2011)96 final).

In June 2012, the Deputies instructed the GT-REF.ECHR (CM/Del/Dec(2012)1145/1.6):

1. to steer the implementation of the Brighton Declaration, ensuring that the deadlines fixed by the Declaration and by the decisions taken by the Committee of Ministers at its 122nd Session are met, in order to allow for the Deputies to report back at the 123rd Ministerial Session (16 May 2013);

2. in this context, to follow the implementation by the different stakeholders (States Parties to the Convention, European Court of Human Rights, Secretary General) of the measures falling within their respective remits;

3. to give appropriate follow-up to paragraphs 9f(i), 9g, 20j, 25b (where the procedures for the election of judges were concerned), 29b, 29c and 35b of the Brighton Declaration.

Delegations may be assisted by experts from capitals at the meetings of the working party. The Parliamentary Assembly, the Court, the Commissioner for Human Rights and other Council of Europe bodies may be invited to participate in meetings of the working party, as appropriate.

The mandate expires on 31 December 2015.