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Committee of Ministers Meeting Schedule

Last revised 10 December 2014 - 15h00 (changes appear in red)

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Week 1 to 7 December

Week 8 to 14 December

Week 15 to 21 December
Monday 15
Tuesday 16
10:00 12:00 Gender Mainstreaming in the Council of Europe Programmes - Evaluation Results, Lessons Learned and the Way Forward (Room 5)
Wednesday 17
10:00 13:00 1215bis meeting of the Ministers' Deputies (CM Room)
15:00 18:00 GR-EXT (Rapporteur Group on External Relations) (CM Room)
Thursday 18
Friday 19
Saturday 20 / Sunday 21

Week 22 to 28 December
Monday 22
Tuesday 23
12:00   Council of Europe closed
Wednesday 24
    Council of Europe closed
Thursday 25
    Council of Europe closed
Friday 26
    Council of Europe closed
Saturday 27 / Sunday 28

Week 29 to 31 December
Monday 29
    Council of Europe closed
Tuesday 30
    Council of Europe closed
Wednesday 31
    Council of Europe closed

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