As part of the Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023, the Gender Equality Commission (GEC) wished to look more closely into the place of men and boys in gender equality policies. Accordingly, a Study prepared by two independent experts to inform the GEC’s work was approved by the GEC at its April 2021 plenary meeting.

The Study looks at the different roles of men and boys, including in combating violence against women, as agents of change or as persons impacted by gender inequalities.

Following this exploratory Study, the GEC was mandated by the Committee of Ministers to draw up by the end of 2022, Guidelines on the place of men and boys in gender equality policies and in policies to combat violence against women. A Working Group composed of member States and observers to the GEC was set up to support the drafting of these Guidelines. The Guidelines were adopted by the Commitee of Ministers in June 2023.