Promotion of the Faro Convention can take place at community, national and international levels through Faro Convention talks, Faro Convention meetings and Faro Convention labs. Member states can contact the Secretariat for assistance in promoting the Convention.

Faro convention Talks Faro convention Talks

Faro Convention Talks are presentations of good practices, inspirational talks at high political level as well as local level (in person and multimedia) to introduce the spirit of Faro Convention.


Faro Convention Meetings Faro Convention Meetings

At the invitation of a country, Faro Convention meetings are stakeholders meeting to introduce the Convention, its principles and possible actions for implementation.


Faro Convention labs Faro Convention labs

Faro Convention Labs are a series of events organised in relation to specific aspects of the Convention in order to exhibit, analyse and reflect on Faro Convention principles and criteria.


17-18 May 2017 Nájera, St. Millán (La Rioja), Spain
“Places without People: the Stories left behind - Faro Convention approach and Rural Settlements"