This is very quick and useful if you are running out of time!

Time: 2 minutes


• Think of 3 or 4 questions to ask. For example, Did you enjoy the activity? Did you learn anything new? Will you be able to use what you have learnt in your daily life?


1. Explain that you will be asking some questions about how people enjoyed the session
and what they learnt. They will be giving their answers non-verbally using their bodies.
If they want to answer "yes" they should raise their arms above their heads and maybe
even stand on tiptoe if their answer is very positive. People who strongly disagree should
crouch down low or even lie as flat as they can on the floor. People should find their own
in-between positions to indicate their level of response.
2. Read out the first question and give people a minute to get into position.
3. Look around and make a mental note of people's responses but do not ask for or allow
4. Then, ask participants to relax and read out the next question.