Words of thanks, recognition and appreciation are owed to:

• The members of the Reference Group for the revision of Compass, for their commitment, ideas and support

• The members of the Consultative Group on Human Rights Education (2009-2010) - Aleksander Bogdanovic, Anna Dobrovolskaya, Thierry Dufour, Caroline Gerbara, Georg Pirker, Annette Schneider, Kostas Triantafyllos and Sara Ufhielm - for their commitment and care

• Trainers and participants in the Advanced Compass Training in Human Rights Education (ACT-HRE) and in the 2009 and 2010 editions of the Training Course for Trainers for Human Rights Education with Young People, for whom this was a learning assignment

• The participants in the forum on human rights education “Living, Learning, Acting for Human Rights”, especially those in the group about the Compass revision

• Marios Antoniou, Kazunari Fujii, Christa Meyer, Ana Rozanova, Zsuzsanna Rutai, Agata Stajer, Sara Ufhielm and Wiltrud Weidinger, for their contributions, ideas and time

• Julien Attuil, Régis Brillat, David Cupina, Sandrine Jousse, Brigitte Napiwocka, Yulia Pererva, Miguel Silva, Dennis Van Der Veur, Agnes Von Maravic, for kindly submitting and revising texts about the work of the Council of Europe

• The “Compass” educational advisors of the European Youth Centres in Budapest and Strasbourg, Iris Bawidamann, Goran Buldioski, Florian Cescon, Menno Ettema, Gisèle Evrard, László Földi, Mara Georgescu, Dariusz Grzemny, Sabine Klocker, Zara Lavchyan, Nadine Lyamouri-Bajja, Marta Medlinska,Yael Ohana, Anca Ruxandra Pandea, Annette Schneider and Inge Stuer, for their critical feed-back, patience, support and creativity

• Antje Rothemund for the support and the commitments to quality and to making Compass available in the mother tongue of human rights learners

• The members of the Trainers’ Pool of the youth sector of the Council of Europe for their uncompromising honesty in feed-back from their practice of human rights education using Compass

• Translators and editors involved in translating Compass for sharing their experiences

• All those who have, often involuntarily, contributed to the shaping of the contents

• Rachel Appleby for her support in proof-reading the English texts – there is always room for improvement!

• Zsuzsanna Molnar for her regular and continued secretarial support, as well as colleagues Erzsébet Banki, Nina Kapoor, Jackie Lubelli, Vincenza Quattrone and Gabriella Tisza for their helping hands and hearts.

We have made all possible efforts to trace references of texts and activities to their authors and give them the necessary credit. We apologise for any omissions and will be pleased to correct them in the next edition.