10th Anniversary of the Istanbul Convention 10th Anniversary of the Istanbul Convention

Joining forces around the 10th anniversary of the Istanbul Convention! Explore the dedicated website.

Information on the Conference "Gender equality and the Istanbul Convention: a decade of action" that will take place on 11 May 2021 is already available.

GREVIO and the EDVAW Platform GREVIO and the EDVAW Platform

The Platform of Independent Expert Mechanisms on Discrimination and Violence against Women (EDVAW Platform) gathers seven United Nations and regional independent expert mechanisms on violence against women and women’s rights operating at the international and regional levels, including GREVIO.

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25th Meeting of GREVIO

GREVIO will hold its 25th meeting from 19 to 21 October 2021, in Strasbourg.

Among other issues GREVIO will discuss its draft report on Romania. As usual the list of decisions will be published after the meeting.


Horizontal review study Horizontal review study

Pause, take stock and capitalise on the wealth of observations and findings that have been issued by GREVIO in its baseline evaluation reports: this is the achievement of the mid-term horizontal review

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