Video interview with Sjur Bergan, Head of the Education Department

European Qualifications Passport for Refugees: “Our goal is to set up a system, a tool that can be used at national level”

18 April 2018 Strasbourg

What are the main goals of the new phase of the Project “European Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR)”? The new phase of the project “European Qualifications Passport for Refugees” was launched in Athens on 28 March at the Ministry of the Education, Research and Religious Affairs with...

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Study visit to Geneva by Montenegrin delegation to learn about challenges of integrity in higher education

18 April 2018 Geneva

A study visit on academic integrity issues to higher education institutions of the Geneva Canton took place on 12-15 March 2018. It was organised in collaboration with UNESCO's International Institute for Educational Planning. The Montenegrin delegation was composed by nine representatives of the...

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Joint Programme DISCO: Launching Conference and First Joint Coordination Meeting

11 April 2018 Strasbourg

The Launching conference of the European Union/Council of Europe Joint Programme “Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation (DISCO)” will take place in Strasbourg on 16 April. Two projects will be promoted in the new cycle: the first project, “Digital Resistance” focuses on digital...

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Project on recognition of refugees’ qualifications widens scope and brings new countries on board

Launch of new phase of Project “European Qualifications Passport for Refugees”

6 April 2018 Athens

How can we support better integration of refugees in our societies? On 28 March, the new phase (2018-2020) of the Project “European Qualifications Passport for Refugees” (EQPR) was launched in Athens at the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. It aims to develop the EQPR and its...

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Launch of the Council of Europe 2018 Democratic Schools for All Survey


5 April 2018 Strasbourg

The Education Policy Division of the Council of Europe is launching the survey on Democratic schools for All, in the framework of the new education campaign “Free to Speak, Safe to Learn” Democratic Schools for All. The campaign aims to highlight the commitment to democratic values and principles...

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 Securing Democracy through Education: Inclusive Democratic Schools - from words to action

 Launching Conference"Building Inclusive Societies through Enriching Plurilingual and Pluricultural Education"

 Launch Event for the Education Campaign “Free to Speak, Safe to Learn” Democratic Schools for All

 2nd Plenary Meeting of the Education Policy Advisors Network


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