The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Justice serving citizens: How to improve the functioning of judicial systems for the benefit of users

This file is based on a  study session organised by the CEPEJ on 2 December 2003, the aim of which was to look from the user’s viewpoint and see whether the responses offered by the people and/or institutions involved were appropriate or whether new responses need to be devised.




Opening addresses

Speech by Mr Guy DE VEL
Director General of legal affairs, Council of Europe

Speech by Mr Mark CAMLEY
Director Supreme Court Circuit (United Kingdom)


Discussed subjects

The treatment of young people at court
Mr Richard WOOLFSON,
consultant in management, Lexicon Limited, United Kingdom

The BEJUBE project – Switzerland – practical action taken following a “user” survey
Mr Philippe CHÉTELAT, President of Court, Switzerland

Information system
Mrs Maria CRUZ DEL VALLE PINTOS, High Council of Justice, Spain

How to deliver what justice users want and need : a charter for users ?
Mr Mark CAMLEY, Director Supreme Court Circuit, United Kingdom

« What are the expectations and the needs of justice users: the experience of Polish Ombudsman.»
Mr Rafal PELC, Office of the Polish Ombudsman (Poland)

The role of users in the running of the judicial system - Ways of providing users with a role in the management of the courts
Ms Simone GABORIAU, Member of the EUROPA Scientific Board, Judge (divisional President of the Versailles Court of Appeal)