The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

6 December 2012

    During the main event of the European Day of Justice, which took place in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 25 October 2012, two Prises have been awarded.

    Crystal Scales of justice Prize

    Jointly organised by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, awarding innovative projects concerning the functioning of judicial systems.

    Video of the winning initiative of the Crystal Scales of Justice Prize  The follow-up of judicial expertises   from the Regional Court of Antwerp.

Video of the initiative “Lexnet” from the General Secretariat of justice administration (Spain)

Two other initiatives have been awarded at the same rank as Lexnet (powerpoint presentation available on the CEPEJ website)

The co-hearing of the judge to family affairs – Auditor of children – Regional Court of Tarascon (France)

Judicial data warehouse and performance dashboards – Supreme Court of Slovenia (Slovenia)

    Short film festival on mediation

    The competition has been organised by the National Courts Administration of Lithuania. The videos of the 3 best placed projects are entitled:

    1st place:“Voltage of 220 v” from Jurij Rozovskij: A laconic video about the everyday morning dispute between a husband and his wife… and its peaceful resolution.

    2nd place: “Court Mediation” from Rasa Kilaite: The film depicts the conflict between spouses, which evolves into a divorce and sharing of the property they have in common. In the beginning of the film, a divorce process in court is shown. The second part of the film tells how the dispute could be resolved by mediation.

    3rd place: “Let’s live amicably” from Agne Pocepovic. A look through a keyhole to a conflict through the eyes of children. How long does a child's anger last? How to make peace with a beloved friend or sister? Two sisters – friends were looking for answers to these questions by creating real-life situations and filming each other using the telephone of their mother. Witty and philosophical monologues of the girls were the basis for the film “Let’s live amicably”.

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