The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Galerie photos - 19ème réunion plénière de la CEPEJ / Picture galery - 17th CEPEJ plenary meeting

Strasbourg, 5-6 juillet 201 / 5-6 July 2012


  Luigi Cipollini, Italy John Stacey, President of the CEPEJ


Stéphane Leyenberger, Secretary of the CEPEJ

Christel Schurrer, scientific expert Marco Velicogna, scientific experts



Eric Dubois, scientific expert  

Svetlana Spoiala, scientific expert

Jean-Paul Jean, President of the working group
on the evaluation of judicial systems of the CEPEJ (GT-EVAL)




Christina Tritz and Matthias Heger, Germany

Georg Stawa, Vice-President of the CEPEJ