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European Day of Justice

25 October 2011



Celebration of European day of justice on 25.10.2011
organised by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia


Ministry of Justice invited all municipal courts to organize “open day” for citizens by organizing group visits, guided tours (for elementary and high schools) and info desks on their courts.

Judicial Academy will organize lectures for Faculty of law students. Lecturers were be legal practitioners (judges and state attorneys).

Fourth Session of the Steering Committee of the Justice sector support project was held on 25 October 2011 in Split. On this event, the Evaluation report of European judicial systems –Edition 2010 (data 2008) translated into Croatian language has been presented.

Conclusion of the event

On 25 October 2011, the Ministry of Justice supported 37 municipal courts in the Republic of Croatia to participate in the celebration of European day of civil justice. On that day courts opened their doors for citizens. The municipal courts hosted group visits for primary and high school students, Faculty of Law students, prepared simulation of procedures and power point presentations for students.

Majority of courts prepared programme for this event and informed local media about the celebration of the event. Each court that participated in marking the European day of civil justice published the announcement on its web page about schedule, programme and invitation for citizens to visit court.

Municipal civil court in Zagreb hosted students from Faculty of Law in Zagreb, students from Administrative school and Economy school. Simulation of procedure on compensation of damage was held. Furthermore, power point presentations were held on the following themes:
- human rights
- mediation
- computerization of court and Case Management System (ICMS)

Municipal courts in Koprivnica, Križevci, Varaždin, Požega, Krapina, Split and many other courts also hosted students from high school and held press conference and presentations on functioning of the court.

Informative desks with promotion materials and brochures for citizens where they could also get answers to any questions related to the functioning of the court were placed at other (smaller) courts.

All courts expressed willingness to organize such events in the future.



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