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The news... (25/11/2015)

Improvement of the system of distribution of cases in Croatia

Mr Georg Stawa, President of the CEPEJ, visited the Ministry of Justice in Zagreb (Croatia) on 19 November 2015. The objective of the mission was to support the Ministry of Justice in drawing up a document in conjunction with the Supreme Court, which is aimed at distributing cases to judges, according to their complexity. Meetings were held with judicial inspectors in charge of drawing up a document with a team within the Ministry, which is in charge of statistics. A future meeting has already been arranged for 16 February 2016 in order to assess the progress of this work. This activity is organised in the framework of the cooperation programme between the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia, financed by the EEA/Norway Grants, and it is entitled: “Improving the quality and efficiency of the judicial system through infrastructure development, and a better court management".
Programme of the mission
More information about the programme

CEPEJ plenary meeting

The 26th CEPEJ plenary meeting will take place in Strasbourg on 10 and 11 December 2015. The meeting will begin with a study session on “How to conduct the change towards Cyber justice ?” The plenary meeting also will be an opportunity to review the progress of the CEPEJ co-operation programmes (Albania, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Kosovo*, Morocco, Jordan, and Tunisia), and to assess the on-going work regarding the 2014-2016 edition of the evaluation report of the functioning of European judicial systems. This report will be subject to a new presentation, and it will be offering some online tables and graphics. The report will also contain a fully updated section on the use of ICT technologies within the European judicial systems. Among the documents, which will be adopted at the plenary meeting, there will be: the “Guide on best practices in the field of enforcement”; the “Implementation Guide on the SATURN time management tools in courts”; and the 2016-2017 Activity programme.
Draft agenda
*All references to Kosovo, whether the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nation's Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.

Training session for the staff of Turkish CEPEJ pilot courts on mediation information centres

A Training session for the staff of the Turkish pilot courts of the CEPEJ on mediation information centres was held in Antalya on 19-20 November 2015. Staff of the pilot courts, including those of the mediation information centres, mediators and academics, took part in the training. The first day of the training consisted of information sessions on mediation legislation, the functioning of mediation procedures, and of mediation centres. The second day included presentations on effective communication techniques. Furthermore, working groups were created and role plays were performed interactively by the participants; finally, feedbacks were received and delivered by the academics. This training falls within the framework of the Project on “Developing Mediation Practices in Civil Disputes in Turkey“ financed by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and implemented by the Council of Europe.
More information about the Project

The European Expertise and Expert institute (EEEI) published a European guide on good practices in civil judicial expertise

This guide contains best practice recommendations on Expert proceedigns, on certification, on ethics and status, and on the creation of a European list of experts. It completes the Guidelines on the role of court-appointed experts in judicial proceedings of Council of Europe’s Member States adopted by the CEPEJ in December 2014.

European guide on good practices in civil judicial expertise

A team of CEPEJ experts visited Tunisia from 9 to 11 November 2015 and met with representatives of the Tunisian now 10 pilot courts

A presentation workshop on the CEPEJ tools and progress on the development of its activities has been organised for the Tunisian pilot courts and other justice auditors. During this session, the Inspector General, Mr Mahmoud Kaabache, expressed his support to the cooperation activities of the CEPEJ in Tunisia. Furthermore, the CEPEJ experts visited the Court of First Instance of Nabeul to see in particular its renovation work. They also had talks with the Directorate of the Higher Magistrates’ Institute about the 2015-2016 training schedule, and with the National Bar Association and lawyers’ associations in order to find ways to further improve their co-operation. This mission was undertaken in the framework of the programme “Towards a strengthened democratic governance in the Southern Mediterranean”, financed by the European Union and implemented by the Council of Europe.
Programme of the mission
Presentation of the CEPEJ tools

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Meeting of the CEPEJ working group on the evaluation of European judicial systems, of the Network of national correspondents and of the CEPEJ co-operation experts

The members of the CEPEJ Working Group on the evaluation of European judicial systems (CEPEJ-GT-EVAL) had a meeting in Strasbourg on 4 November in order to prepare the publication of the next evaluation report scheduled for 2016. The members  considered a possible new presentation of judicial data extracted from the evaluation scheme. The national correspondents in charge of coordinating the collection of data in the member States had their meeting on 5 November 2015 and assessed the progress made in collecting the data due by 31 December 2015. This meeting was an opportunity for the national correspondents to share among themselves and the CEPEJ Secretariat any difficulties encountered and the modalities for the quality control of the data. A meeting with the experts in the CEPEJ co-operation programmes took place on 5 November 2015.
Agenda of the Working group meeting on the evaluation of European judicial systems (GT-EVAL) (4 November)

Agenda of the meeting of the Bureau of the CEPEJ (4 November)

Agenda of the meeting of the Network of national correspondents (5 November)

Agenda of the meeting of the CEPEJ co-operation experts (6 November)

Launching the court coaching programme for implementation of CEPEJ tools in the pilot courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan

In the framework of the PCF Project “Support to Increased Efficiency of Courts, Improved Training of Judges and Judicial Self-governance in Azerbaijan”, funded by the European Union, a team of CEPEJ experts visited Azerbaijan from 19 to 23 October 2015. After an initial fact-finding mission in July 2015, the experts visited for the second time the five CEPEJ pilot courts of Azerbaijan, namely the Sheki Appellate Court, the Sumgait Appellate Court, the Baku City Yasamal District Court, the Oghuz District Court and the Sumgait City Administrative-Economic Court.
More information about the Project

Publication of the evaluation report on the functioning of the justice system in Albania

The evaluation report on the functioning of the justice system in Albania, prepared by the experts, Mr Jacques Bühler (Switzerland) and Mr Jon Johnsen (Norway), has been finally published. The report regards judicial budgetary and organisational issues (human and material resources, workload and distribution of tasks) and it contains recommendations with a view to improve the functioning of the Albanian judicial system. This report has been drawn up in the framework of the programme “Increase the efficiency of the Albanian justice system, in conformity with the European standards", it is financed by the European Union and is implemented by the Council of Europe.
Report in English
Report in Albanian

The CEPEJ rewards the Judicial Institute for Scotland with the 2015 Crystal Scales of Justice Prize
Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 23.10.2015 - The Judicial Institute for Scotland has just been awarded for an initiative entitled “The Judicial HUB”. The 2015 European Crystal Scales of Justice prize, organised by the Council of Europe, rewarding innovative judicial practices applied by European judicial institutions, has been awarded on 23 October 2015 in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina),  on the occasion of the main event of the European Day of Justice, in presence of: Mr Igor CRNADAK, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe; Mr Josip GRUBEŠA, Minister of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mr Mato JOZIC, Minister of Justice of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mr Anton KASIPOVIC, Minister of Justice of the Serbian Republic Georg STAWA, President of the CEPEJ; the jury members of the Crystal Scales of Justice Prize; and the representatives of the four shortlisted initiatives.
The Judicial HUB proposes a virtual environment for training and communication for all actors of the judicial system in Scotland, in the respect of the rules concerning IT security.
Three special mentions have been awarded by equal merit to the following three projects:
Court Administration of the Republic of Latvia, for the project "Recording of court hearings with technical means";
  Dutch Legal Aid Board (The Netherlands), for the project "Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for Relational Disputes";
  High Judicial Council of Serbia, for the project "Model Court Guideline for the Basic and Higher Courts in the Republic of Serbia".

Programme of the event

More information:
European Crystal Scales of Justice Prize
European Day of Justice

Study visit of a Turkish delegation to Rome on Civil Mediation

A Turkish delegation accompanied by CEPEJ experts visited Rome from 19 to 23 October 2015, in order to have an in-depth view of the Civil Mediation system in Italy. During the visit, the delegation had a meeting with the Italian State Undersecretary of Justice, Mr Cosimo Maria Ferri, with representatives of the Ministry of Justice, of the Court of Cassation, of the Constitutional Court, of the National Bar Council, as well as professionals in the field of mediation, in particular trainers. They discussed Civil Mediation in Italy, including its possible developments, its legal framework and the statistics in the field of Mediation.


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