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Targeted co-operation with member States

According to the article 2.d of the statute of the CEPEJ, the role of the CEPEJ is to provide assistance to one or more member States, at their request, including assistance in complying with the standards of the Council of Europe. Several reports were thus prepared at the request of one or more States:


Organisation of courts. Expert Report of the CEPEJ/COE visit to Armenia April 14-17 2009.



Assessment of policy and procedures for the selection of judges in Azerbaijan (January 2012)


A CEPEJ meeting, in the framework of a targeted cooperation, concerning criteria for individual evaluation of judges took place in Sofia from 21 to 22 January 2009. On this occasion, Miglena Tacheva, Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, has officialy asked the CEPEJ delegation to prepare an expertise on the actual methodology of evaluation of the judges work in Bulgaria, with an aim of a reform in the weeks to come. The delegation was also received at the Council for the Judiciary. 


Croatia and Slovenia

Cooperation Programme between Croatia and the CEPEJ funded by Norway Grants

Practical ways of combating delays in the justice system, excessive workloads of judges and case backlogs

Advancing legal and judicial approaches to mediation in civil, family and commercial matters


Comments on the "Analysis of rationalisation of the Court network" (10/2010)

Report on Territorial jurisdiction


Information on the follow-up given by the Portuguese authorities to the CEPEJ's reports on policies to ease procedural flows and fight backlogs and on dematerialisation and use of IT in the field of justice

Dematerialisation and use of ITC


Russian Federation
Examination of problems related to the execution of decisions by national civil courts against the state and its bodies in the Russian Federation
Non-enforcement of court decisions against the state and its entities in the Russian Federation: remaining problems and solutions required

Mediation, report prepared at the request of the Delegation of Switzerland

United Kingdom
Restorative Justice: the Government's strategy

Cooperation with the French Court of Cassation
Extracts of the report of the 8th CEPEJ plenary meeting
Appendix IV of the report of the 8th CEPEJ plenary meeting










Republic of Moldova






Eastern partnership

Targeted co-operation

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