The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

SATURN Centre for judicial time management

Working documents

Implementing the Saturn management tools in courts - A guide (December 2011)

Reports on the implementation of the CEPEJ guidelines for judicial time management in 7 pilot courts / institutions (Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom) (March 2011)

2009 questionnaire on the evaluation of the CEPEJ guidelines for judicial time management

Questionnaire on common case categories, judicial timeframes and delays
Explanatory note
Data analysis of the pilot courts replies to the questionnaire prepared by the Steering Group of the SATURN Centre
Moving towards an Observatory of Judicial Timeframes in Europe by Marco Fabri


Other useful documents

Work of the European Network of Councils for the Judiciary (ENCJ) on Quality and Timeless 2010-2011 (Questionnaire, replies and report)

Finnish experience: "New way of systematic management of delay reduction projects in courts" - Initiative awarded at the Crystal Scales of Justice 2010

Study of the Venice Commission
Replies to the Questionnaire of the  Venice Commission


Terms of reference
Meeting reports


SATURN guidelines for judicial time management
SATURN guidelines for judicial time management - comments and implementation examples
Guide for implementing the SATURN management tools in courts


Time management checklist
Best pratices for judicial time management


Appendices I and II to the guidelines: Indicators and examples of synopsis

CEPEJ Studies

Report on the implementation of SATURN time management tools

Time management of justice systems: a Northern Europe study

Length of court proceedings in the member states of the Council of Europe based on the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights


Working documents (questionnaires etc.) and other useful documents


CEPEJ court coaching programme on judicial timeframes

Regional court of Fribourg [Germany], April 2012 [en]
Court of Syracuse [Italy], May 2013 [it]
Regional court of Bratislava [Slovakia], April 2013 [en]