Illustration Course aims - Online self-study course for educators working with the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE).Educational value

Discover the value of the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE) for intercultural communication as well as its contribution to respecting fundamental human rights and engaging with inequality and conflict. 


The theoretical framework

Find out about the theoretical framework for intercultural pedagogy that underpins the AIE and how this framework is translated into practice. Play with its main ideas and consider how it fits in with your views about intercultural learning.

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The AIE in action

Explore ways in which other teachers, teacher trainers and youth trainers are implementing the AIE in formal and non-formal education. Consider the responses of their learners.


Planning for your context

Work on strategies for introducing the AIE into your own educational context(s) and develop the competences to effectively implement it and evaluate your plans.