The Council of Europe has been a pioneer in addressing migration-related issues since 1968. Political contexts and globalisation have had a great influence on the way approaches have developed since then.

Language is a central aspect of the many issues raised by migration, and access to education for migrants is particularly important indeed.

This section contains a compilation of Council of Europe official texts relating to migrants’ education, as well as a recommendation of the Parliamentary Assembly on the impact of language tests. It also provides a number of policy guidelines and publications.

Officials texts

Council of Europe: Extracts from Conventions, Recommendations, Resolutions and Reports (1968-2015) related to Education and Integration of adult migrants (Committee of Ministers; Parliamentary Assembly; Congress of Local and Regional Authorities)

2014 - Integration tests: helping or hindering integration? :

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE): Recommendation 2034 (2014) to the Committee of Ministers
and Explanatory Report

Committee of Ministers' Reply to the Recommendation

Parliamentary Assembly Resolution


Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants - Guide to policy development and implementation, 2014, Jean-Claude Beacco, Chris Hedges, David Little
EN   FR   IT

The linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants - from one country to another, from one language to another, 2014. ISBN 978-92-871-7871-8
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Adult migrant integration policies: Principles and implementation, 2010, Jean-Claude Beacco
EN   FR 

The Linguistic Integration of Adult Migrants: evaluating policy and practice, 2010, David Little (ed.)

The role of languages in policies for the integration of adult migrants, 2008, Jean-Claude Beacco
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